TH9 Lavaloon Attack Strategy

TH9 Lavaloon Attack Strategy – Lavaloonion TH9 3Star Guide | Clash of Cans

3 star strategy on a max town hall 9 in Clash of Clans. This epic war raid was indeed on my base. That’s right I got 3 starred! Today I share the awesome attack which was well planned and executed. Please share your thoughts in the comment section and as ever I hope you enjoy the video

Base Information

TownHall LevelTH9
CategoryAttack Strategy
Highlights3 Star Any Base
Fav TroopsLava, Loon


Full Base View Best Th9 Attack Strategy Video AS

The all-new Lava Hounds, Balloons and Golem Wiz Townhall 9 Attack. One of the most top rated attack in TH9 that can tear all kinds of bases. Supercell upgraded the attack speed of the Balloon’s first attack (December 2016 Balancing & Update News), making it stronger and war efficient. I will explain to you the strategy of this attack for every video that I will share Above.  Keep in your mind Chief that your goal is to get 3 Stars. You should make a plan that will not screw your attack. If you are an average war attacker in TH9, you knew already what should be the first thing to do. But for the sake of our new TH9 players, aim the Clan Castle and Enemy’s Queen FIRST! That’s right Chief, kill them early or you will screw your attack in the middle of your attack.

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