TH9 Farming Base

TH9 Farming Base – TH9 (TownHall 9) Trophy/Farming Base

TH9 Farming Base. In this blog post, we are up with best town hall level 9 farming base anti everything 2017 2018 new update. These farming layouts are constructed to protect gold, elixir and dark elixir. We have also included some separate th9 dark elixir protecting bases, check them out here. The first level 9 farming base in the list has so many compartments which make’s it harder to take out the entire loot for ground troops. 

Base Information

TownHall LevelTH9
Base CategoryFarming Base
HighlightsAnti 3 Star – Anti Loot
Recommended CC Troops Def Combo

Base Highlight Centralized KillZone

TH9 Farming Base

Wall View

TH9 Farming Base

Scout View

TH9 Farming Base

Here we have Top farming, hybrid, trophy pushing and war base designs of TH9. I’LL be showing you best Town Hall 9 Base Layout which will help you for trophy pushing & for winning clan wars. These are the latest solid base designs for TH9, War Base Layouts and Farming Base Layouts.All base layouts here are up to date with the latest Clash of Clans Update and include the Bomb Tower

Full Base View Watch This Speed Build Video TH9 Base

Base | Review

EPIC Design
Well Placed Traps
Anti All
Anti 2 Star
Placement XBOW

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Feel free to contact us if you feel you’ve found a better army composition for this level. A farming army is designed for gaining resources quickly. The army is built in a short amount of time and it doesn’t take a lot of resources to