TH8 Anti 3 Star War Base

TH8 Anti 3 Star War Base – Anti-Gowipe/Dragon/Hogs | Clash of Clans

Most common way to attack th8 war bases is to use dragon. With additional earthquake spell, one can use 2 lightening spell and 1 earthquak to kill one add and other remaining AD can be done by dragon and loon in CC with the help of rage + haste spell combo. To save TH8 war bases from dragon attack , we need to have some proper placing of AD and Archer tower in warbases. I found a good ANTI DRAGON WAR BASE TH8.

Base Information

TownHall LevelTH8
Base CategoryWar Base
HighlightsAnti 3 Star

Base Highlight Centralized KillZone

TH8-Anti-3-Star-War-Base-Anti-Gowipe-Dargon-Hogs-Clash of Clans (1)TH8-Anti-3-Star-War-Base-Anti-Gowipe-Dargon-Hogs-Clash of Clans (1)

Wall View

TH8-Anti-3-Star-War-Base-Anti-Gowipe-Dargon-Hogs-Clash of Clans (4)

Scout View

TH8-Anti-3-Star-War-Base-Anti-Gowipe-Dargon-Hogs-Clash of Clans (3)

It include good explanation how it will save ur bases in war from dragons. if you want to get 3 star on th9 and below .watch attacks on YOUTUBE. easy and simple attack for sure 3 star everytime .subscribe Clasherlab , we have provided you the best list of TH8 War Base  if you haven’t checked it out then kindly have a look if you haven’t checked it. As you know, All the bases in the clash of clans can be 3 starred whoever it may be.However, up to now I still keep some best th8 war base anti, hog, Dragon anti-golem and anti-3 stars. In this post, I will share it with you. For fellow players th8 attacks the Dragon was very scared when the clan war lasts. Because the Dragon attacks can destroy the base layout that we have in an instant and managed to get 3 stars.

Full Base View Watch This Speed Build Video BH5 Base

TH8-Anti-3-Star-War-Base-Anti-Gowipe-Dargon-Hogs-Clash of Clans (2)

Speed Bulid

Base | Review

Awesome Design Loot Attack
Well Placed Traps
Anti Air
Anti 3 Star
CC Placement =

The Dragon attacks very effectively done because the Dragon can move quickly past the parapet. Often the attacker uses a combination of forces to attack by bringing the Dragon, clan castle balloons, and lightning spell. The Dragon level 3 is indeed reliable because it has damage per second of 180. In addition, it also has Dragon 2,300 hitpoint. So, the Dragon can survive very well when attacked archer tower, hidden tesla, and the wizard tower. However, the dragon has a weakness against air defense and air sweeper can keep the Dragon with wind gusts. Those who use the strategy of attack of the Dragons, the first time they do is destroy air defense with a lightning spell. If one of the air defense crumbled, the possibility of an attack will be 100% successful.

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