TH8 Anti 2 Star War Base

TH8 Anti 2 Star War Base | EPIC Anti-All War Base | Clash of Clans

Hey everyone, Welcome to our another interesting article in which you are going to see a massive list of th8 bases which are incredibly powerful especially in a clan war. In our articles, We have listed many war bases separately. Today, We got an Idea to make an article which provides all the TH8 war base‘s so that you can review everything and chose wisely. For me, Townhall 8 is the best place because that is where a lot of new troops and new building get’s unlocked such as Golem, Pekka, Dragon level 3 and Dark Spell factory. If you are the who is looking for a perfect war base to protect your base against the opponent, then you are the right place.

Base Information

TownHall LevelTH8
Base CategoryWar Base
HighlightsAnti 2 Star

Base Highlight Centralized KillZone

th8 anti 2 star war base clash of clans (2)

Wall View

th8 anti 2 star war base clash of clans (4)

Scout View

th8 anti 2 star war base clash of clans (3)

Here we are going to list out Anti Gowipe, Anti GoHog, Anti Hogs, Anti-Dragon and Anti 3 star base. You can choose the one you like and implement it on your account. Kindly let us know which base worked out well for you. Without wasting any more time, Let’s get started. I’m a TH8 Player, and I had used a lot of bases when I was pushing my trophies and was active in the war. So, I thought to share my opinion on the base’s which I used and got pretty good results. You can easily implement these bases on your account.

Full Base View Watch This Speed Build Video BH5 Base

th8 anti 2 star war base clash of clans (1)

Speed Bulid

Base | Review

Awesome Design Loot Attack
Well Placed Traps
Anti Air
Anti 3 Star
CC Placement

Disclaimer: We have collected the base from various sources and tested out in our accounts and said my opinions. Gowipe is a combination of powerful troops, and it is pretty expensive troops. GoWiPe consist’s of Golem, Wizards, Pekka, Wall Breakers and some archers. The most important part of GoWipe is funneling, If the opponent doesn’t funnel the troops into the interior of the base then you will surely win the defense. GoWiPe is all about funneling and making wizard, Pekka, barbarian king to follow the Golems. So, You have to use a packed base which means it should be widespread base. You should protect your defense buildings by extreme wall protection and storage protection.

Please Comment Your feedback if possible – positive or negative, it all is helpful for me.