TH10 Utterly Fails at This !


TH10 Utterly Fails at This !

A year after TH11 came out, TH10 is still end-game for a lot of players.

It’s the way the game is set-up. The gameplay totally shifts at TH10, and switches back at TH11, which shouldn’t be happening imho.

TH1-6 is purely about getting to know the basic troops, how to destroy walls, how to get to the town hall, how to farm, etc.

TH10 Utterly Fails at This
TH7 starts picking up air attacks and a hero. Wow this is awsome! Dragons <3. If you start to get it, the 3stars are within reach.
TH8 expands the attacking strategies, by adding extra defenses, and a couple of new troops to fiddle with. It’s a big change from TH7 but the 3stars will come when you max out your troops.

TH9, a new hero, what! cool! and more troops! This is where all your previous experiences with the game come together. This level is like a playground with all the stuff you can do, and everything works. The X-bow is a bit scary at first. but with a bit of practice you see it isn’t that intimidating. 3stars doable with whatever strategy you like. This level has a ton of diversity.

TH10 throws all of the previous experience you had in the trash. The regular 3stars you had are gone. A tiny mistake in your attack and you’re done. Clanmates say its because your heroes are low. So you start maxing them out. After a year, they are maxed, but the 3stars are still not coming. Not even by accident. Even if you are great, and awsome, TH10 just does not let you get a 3star (on max def base). This is very different from the previous town hall levels, where you occasionally got a 3star by accident when everything went south. This is not a position where TH10 needs to be.

TH10 Utterly Fails at ThisPeople think they suck if they don’t reach the same level of competence they had before, they think they don’t get it, and just leave the game. Being worse then you were before sucks, they practice and practice but don’t seem to get better. This is killing TH10. Nobody likes it.

Those who stick with the game reach TH11 someday, in which they get the warden, and the eagle.
All of the sudden 3stars are possible again, and the diversity in attacks which you remember from 2 years ago at th9 are back.

Everytime you upgrade your townhall, you should be entering a new era of awsomeness. TH10 utterly fails at this.

TL;DR Townhall 10 sucks.