Halloween Event

Halloween Event

When the Town Hall floorboards creak and groan, the Clan Castle feels desolate and cold, and the Night Witch bats’ wings flap unseen in the night, a single shriek pierces the air and fills all with Halloween dread. If you listen close enough, maybe you too can hear the awful cry of, ”HOOOOOG RIDER!!!!*”

Yes, it’s that chilling time of year when apparitions run rampant through your Barracks, your Goblins begin to snicker and sneer among themselves, the Dark Elixir seemingly looks a bit…darker, and we all cause a bit of mischief in pursuit of the Halloween spirit.

This year’s Halloween seasonal content is just around the corner and we have some fun tricks and treats ready for all you ghoulish Chiefs. Starting on October 28th, you’ll receive a bevy of Halloween-themed content, including:

  • One-gem Spell Factory boost (Witches are working overtime**)
  • Two temporary Halloween troops: the Giant Skeleton and the Pumpkin Barbarian
  • Special obstacle: the Baby Dragon Skull (we promise no Baby Dragons were harmed for this content)
  • New spooky Halloween loading screen
  • Creepy sound effects and village obstacles
  • Lightning Spell with bat effects
  • Earn 200 gems during the Witch/Skeleton Spell event

The Giant Skeleton

Halloween Event

Like his living counterpart, the Giant Skeleton will target defenses though carrying an over-sized explosive. Killing the Giant Skeleton will cause him to drop his bomb, causing splash damage to anything within its radius.

TH LevelUnit LevelHousing SpaceHPDPSSplash Damage

The Pumpkin Barbarian

Halloween Event

Leave it to the Barbarian to use a gourd as a helmet. This cucurbitaceous berserker*** gains extra hit points from his Jack-O-Lantern bonnet.

TH LevelUnit LevelHousing SpaceHPPumpkin HPDPS


Baby Dragon Skull

Halloween Event

Perhaps it’s an effigy to Baby Dragons of the past, or maybe those mushrooms have a greater morbid sense of humor than we thought****. These baby wyrm noggin obstacles will spawn throughout your Main Village adding an extra macabre ambiance.

  • Removing the obstacles costs 25,000 Elixir and will give 75,000 Elixir upon removal.

*Not an actual Halloween sound effect in-game, but feel free to do your own impression
**The Witches’ Labor Union has assured us they are being compensated
***New vocabulary word
****Mushrooms are weird like that

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