Best Th9 War Base || TownHall 9 || Anti 3Star || Anti-Mass Valks || Anti Gowipe || Anti-LavaLoon || Anti-Dargloon || Anti-Govape || Clash Of Clans


Best Th9 War Base (Town Hall 9) Anti 3 Star |Anti Valkyries|Anti Gowipe|Anti Air|Clash Of Clans

Key features

  • Strong AQ Island
    • BK Near AQ
    • bombs in AQ Island
    • Tesla Farm; separated by walls.
    • Sweeper protecting AQ from walks
  • CC Radius is a difficult lure and centralized (2 tower’s need to be removed from any direction to lure CC)
  • AI tower flow to DGB & double spring trap (Although very apparent DGB)
  • Valk AI flows away from core (for the most part)
  • AD’s tentatively out of AQ range
  • A handful of point defence towers are 5 spaces from external walls.
  • Strong point/xbow walk defense over 75% of base. (North-Northeast attacking AQ-walk lure)
  • TH/sweeper protecting AD/xbow opposite AQ-island
  • Spring Traps in valk/hog/giant funnels
  • Grouped junk buildings to lure valks back outside perimeter of walls.
  • Seeking air mines protecting AD’s
  • Air Mines out of AD paths and clustered for ungrouped WT’s.

Detailed Overview

AQ Walks
I’ve placed the AD, a handful of point defense, and xbows 5 spaces from the exterior walls to deter AQ walks/funneling. There are also builder huts 4 spaces inside the external walls to attract the AQ close to the external wall. This slows progress and brings healers closer to AD’s.

AQ Island
Tesla Farm paired with the BK separated by an internal moat, it houses all the bombs for defense against suicide BK+ability and valks, and has a combination of wizard towers to make wb/valk entry costly, one point defense, and sweeper to aid in the AQ’s defense against healers/drag. AD protects Island flanks.

Trap location is still undergoing finetuning; however, single giant bombs are placed to force early heals in those areas. Spring traps are positioned in hog/giant/valk AI-pathways with a double spring trap parallel the DGB in a micro-choke point. The single DGB is located in the main choke point leading across the base. Air Mines are positioned out of range of AD pathways and Seeking Air Mines are positioned near AD choke points. Most traps are positioned between towers that are 5 spaces from the external walls.

High HP & Junk buildings
Most storage’s and the TH are positioned around higher DPS areas to prolong AQ walks and valks near the exterior of the base. Lower HP buildings particularly builders huts (and a few mortars) are positioned in the core to die quicker and aid Valk AI-Paths outward. External buildings are grouped to also help Valk AI in looping.


  • Bowlers+Healers
  • High-level AQ Walks
  • Mass Golems
  • Well placed EQ/Jumps (due to lack of compartments)
  • Possibly HGHB (Untested)
  • TBD