Best Th9 War Base (Town Hall 9) With Bomb Tower 2017 || Anti 2 Star war Base || Clash of Clans | Anti-All Combo


Best Th9 War Base (Town Hall 9) With Bomb Tower  2017 || Anti 2 Star war Base || Clash of Clans | Anti-All Combo || ClasherLab || Recommended Base

Best Th9 War Base – Killzone

Base Mechanics:

  • GoHo: The base has been designed keeping Hog pathing in mind. Spring Traps have been placed along the way hogs will travel. Also the base uses DBG to insta-kill hogs. The DBGs are placed far apart to ensure one Heal spell cannot cover both DBGs. Defenses have been placed in a funnel formation to ensure hogs do not accidentally trigger partial DBG. The killzone is one place where the hogs will absolutely loathe to enter because of the very high concentration of dps. Apart from that the base has enough open spaces for the defender to decide on his bomb combination i.e whether 2 DBG or 1 DBG and two single or 4 singles bombs. Neutral buildings have been placed inside the base to make sure that the hogs move over the traps.


  • GoLavaLoon: The ADs are spread throughout the base thus covering major sections. The WTs are outside the AD range thus leaving them free to target Loons. Two ADs are protected by double SAM thus ensuring that the Lava Hounds take considerable amount of damage. Also Air Bombs are placed far from ADs to make sure that they target loons and not be wasted on the Hounds. Tesla Farm in the killzone along with the AQ and a WT is heavily damaging for Loons too.


  • MassValks: The only way to stop MassValks at low TH9 level, that I’ve found, is for the attacker’s time to get over. Spring Traps are not very effective as Valk’s AI kind off helps them evade traps. The DBGs are of good use against this attack as it forces Heal spells. Also Valks will not be able to survive the killzone easily. The core of the base has been made such that EQ spells will not open multiple compartments thus preventing the base from being an easy 3*. Also from the Valk attacks that I have seen high level walls do help a lot.GoWiPe: If an attacker decides to use GoWiPe he/she will be forced to make a decision even before the attack regarding which side should the attack be launched from. If it’s done from the Killzone side, not only will the troops be under heavy damage but will also not trigger the CC for quite sometime. If they attack from the other side there’s a high probability the troops will first take damage from defenses all over the base as they are clearing before they are roasted in the killzone.

War Logs:

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