Best TH9 Anti 3 Star War Base 2017 With Bomb Tower || Town Hall 9 || Clash of Clans || Anti All Combo + War Log


Best TH9 Anti 3 Star War Base 2017 With Bomb Tower || Town Hall 9 ||  Clash of Clans || Anti All Combo + War Log

Base Name : Hill of Himring
Base Created by : Jag00

CC location

The CC protects the queen island, an area which must be approached early for the queen kill. On a fresh hit, a combination of speed and dps (gobs, minions, valks, baby drag) can destroy an unsuspecting attacker attempting to enter from the south. This forces an attacker to use a lot of caution and/or spells on entry, sustain heavy losses early, or avoid entering at the queen island entirely.

Anti-funnel deadzone

A distinctive feature of Himring is the use of dead space behind the queen and in adjacent compartments, paired with dense trash buildings placed outside the queen island, which makes it difficult for an attacker to funnel troops deeper into the base. With nothing to target, most troops in the killsquad redirect outside (golems and giants, however, continue into the base more often than other troops- a major advantage if they’re split up from bowlers/heroes). Troops circling the base=failed attack.


12 compartments ensure high dps and slow progress throughout the base. Each compartment means either more spells wasted in hopping walls, or time wasted in breaking them- valks, giants, and heroes all being critical attack components affected. Even if the base is in cleanup stage, a close attack can still be defended if precious seconds are wasted pounding on a wall.

Layered point defenses

With 10 of the 12 compartments containing point defenses, they are spread well throughout the base. Effectively creating layers of defense leaves troops such as valks exposed to heavy fire at all times, and can cripple surgical hogs. An additional advantage is that only 6 point defenses are exposed to a queenwalk, lessening its value and putting her under constant pressure from interior defenses.

Central Killzone

A GB is positioned here, and is paired with 2 teslas to form considerable unexpected DPS, all in a position where the deadzone makes a killsquad less likely to trigger it. Unless hogs are prehealed, they will likely die, and a heal may be spent to keep valks going through this area.

North Killzone

A major feature of the base. WT+gb combo is a classic combination, and will require a heal that will be useless outside of its own (low value) compartment. Even if the attacker chooses to heal here, a good portion of his hogs will be lost to the unexpected tesla+double spring combination.

East Killzone

Double WTs, double air bombs, and a gb render this area nasty for any backend forces. A heal between the xbow and wts when using hogs is forced here. The reinforcement of this zone with a tesla will provide additional delay to ho/lo movements.


Placed in positions which compromise effectiveness between valks, hogs, and giants, the result gives well-balanced defense against most threats.


  • Lack of spring coverage on West side.
  • NW AD easily targetable by loons.
  • Queen can access 2AD+2AS from 10:30 compartment.
  • Air Bomb placement could use tweaking.

War Log

Constructive criticism, and testers, are always welcome.

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