Best TH9 3 Star Attack Strategy

Best TH9 3 Star Attack Strategy | How to 3 Star Any Base

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Base Information

TownHall LevelTH9
CategoryAttack Strategy
Highlights3 Star Any Base
Fav TroopsQueen , Witch

 Attack Log 

best th9 3 star attack strategy

Full Base View Best Th9 Attack Strategy Video AS

This is a clan war three star attack strategy on town hall nine. Hope you enjoy watching this and get some stars for your clan! Most people would agree that TH9 is probably the most fun Town Hall to be at currently given the huge variety of attacks you can use to get three stars. As a result, instead of focusing on one particular th9 tactic, I’ve taken a look at several attacks and tried to show as many different current tactics as possible in the Above video. The Archer Queen Healer Combo is very strong at all levels currently and one of the benefits at TH9 is that with enough healers, the AQ really can do considerable damage to an entire side of a map. In the video examples, the AQ takes out the enemy CC as well as multiple defenses leaving a very clear path for the BK, Golem. Tip: If your AQ is under too much pressure, rage both the healers and the AQ to help

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