Best TH7 War Base 2018 – Clash of Clans TH7 War Base 2018

Best TH7 War Base 2018 – Clash of Clans TH7 War Base 2018 | Anti Dragon / Hogs | Unbeatable ✌

TH7 Best War Base Anti All and Anti 3 Stars 2017 2018. Hope you are doing well in your respective clans. In this post, we have come up with the best provisions of the town hall 7 of all time. The design of the base becomes very crucial because most of the bases of the war are attacked by dragons for three clean stars. Note: Only the buildings of the town hall 7 are used for the construction of this base. The first basic design of the list has good compartments. If we look at the positive side of this

Best TH7 War Base 2018 – best th7 war base 2018 anti dragon anti hog anti 3 star anti 2 star with 3 air defense.
Trophy push town hall 7 village designs Top 20+ Best TH7 War Base 2018 (NEW)

Base Information

TownHall LevelTH7
Base CategoryWar Base
HighlightsAnti 3 Star

Base Highlight Centralized KillZone

Wall View

Best-TH7-War-Base-2018-Clash-of-Clans-TH7-War-Base-2018-Anti-Dragon-Hogs-Unbeatable ✌ (4)

Scout View

Best-TH7-War-Base-2018-Clash-of-Clans-TH7-War-Base-2018-Anti-Dragon-Hogs-Unbeatable ✌ (3)

It’s now a new month in Clash of Clans, October, which means that with new updates and new strategies in Clash of Clans, you’ll need a new basic warfare design. TH7 for Clash of Clans! I have the best TH7 war plans for you, choose your favorites and watch these anti-three star! This TH7 base is designed to be anti-dragon. Even in MAR 2018, this strategy has not changed much. If your opponent brings lightning spells, you get three stars, but if it’s rage, a lot of players

In this post we are going to have a look a best th7 war base Anti dragon, hogs 2018 new update with 3 air defenses Best TH7 War Base Anti Everything and Anti 3 stars 2018 Download Clash of Clans and meet the team behind the game

Best Th7 War Base 2017 With Replays Anti Dragon Anti Hog Anti 3 Star Anti 2 Star With 3 Air Defense the first layout in the list of best th7 base 2018 is an anti dragon war base with one double giant bomb spot

Full Base View Watch This Speed Build Video

Best-TH7-War-Base-2018-Clash-of-Clans-TH7-War-Base-2018-Anti-Dragon-Hogs-Unbeatable ✌ (1)

Speed Bulid

Base | Review

Awesome Design Loot Attack
Well Placed Traps Easy 2 Stars
Anti Air
Anti 3 Star
Anti Hogs

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