Best Coc Th9 War Base 2017 (Town hall 9) + War Log | Anti 3 Star | Anti All Combo | Clash Of Clans


Best Coc Th9 War Base 2017 (Town hall 9) + War Log || Anti 3 Star || Anti All Combo || Clash Of Clans

Hey Guys ! Welcome to Clasher Lab. Today We are Going to Watch The Best Coc Th9 War Base. I Hope You Will Like This Video And Don’t forget to subscribe My Channel.

Base Name : Eagles

Created By : Aphrodi

Mechanics / Concepts
4 Singles : It’s a very delicate concept. It can make or break the base where those heals are forced can mean the difference between a triple or a fail. The bombs are positioned to force heals one after another in a hog based hit

Triple WT Setup : Easily walkable but post 30 second reduction it’s not really going to be the “bang for your buck” because the tesla farm and wt farm are parallel to each other. Triple WT setup combined with air bombs positioned after numerous amounts of attacks being observed is extremely deadly to all looning or hogging.
Ground Xbows : Post damage increase it’s always beneficial to have ground bows simply because it just forces rage on walks really fast.
Queen Island : A very basic technique to separate aq from the key traps
Defense Deadzone : Unlike the deadzone where nothing can approach it with defense deadzone you have a non defensive structure in the core to make all defensive targeting units go in a circle soaking all traps
The Tesla Farm : The best thing about this is it’s tesla farm, It’s a tesla farm that can kill hogs quite fast under a heal there are stages to a heal spell where it’s at it’s peak and then starts to drop. To kill this tesla farm you need two heals back to back or an insane amount of hogs being invested into a single pack. The tesla farm also houses a st farm which will trim down the total of hogs by a lot. The lvl 30 barbarian king coupled with 2 skeleton traps and quad teslas absolutely murder hogs

Air Trap Positioning : After numerous hits the small bombs have changed numerous times after finally settling where they are. Mostly looning is done from there

War log